Senior SAP S4/HANA Application Specialist

Location Dubai City
Job type: Contract
Job ref: 32492
Published: 2 months ago

Contract duration: 6 months, extendable

Location: Dubai

Start: ASAP

Role Purpose:

The role of a Hypercare Lead in the Retail, Entertainment, and Lifestyle industry is pivotal in ensuring the smooth operation and optimal performance of implemented systems like SAP S4 ERP during the critical post-implementation phase.

  • Ensuring System Stability: The primary purpose of the Hypercare Lead is to ensure system stability after the implementation of the ERP system. They monitor system performance, troubleshoot issues, and ensure that the system is functioning as per the business requirements.

  • Coordinating Support: The Hypercare Lead coordinates with various teams to provide the necessary support to end-users. They work closely with technical and functional teams to resolve any system issues promptly and minimize downtime.

  • Training and Guidance: The Hypercare Lead plays a key role in training end-users on the new system. They provide guidance on how to use the system effectively, addressing any queries or concerns that users may have.

  • Stakeholder Communication: The Hypercare Lead is responsible for communicating with various stakeholders, including management, end-users, and vendors. They provide regular updates on system performance, issues, and resolutions, ensuring all parties are kept informed.

  • Continuous Improvement: The Hypercare Lead is also tasked with identifying opportunities for system improvement. They gather feedback from end-users and analyze system performance to suggest improvements and enhancements.Change Management: The Hypercare Lead plays a crucial role in managing changes to the system during the hypercare phase. They assess the impact of changes, plan their implementation, and ensure they are carried out smoothly.

In the Retail, Entertainment, and Lifestyle industry, these responsibilities are particularly important due to the high volume of transactions, the need for real-time data, and the critical role of customer satisfaction in these sectors. The Hypercare Lead, therefore, plays a key role in ensuring the successful operation of the ERP system post-implementation.

Role Details – Key Responsibilities and Accountabilities:

  • Strategic Planning: Develop the vision, mission, and strategic roadmap for the CoE in alignment with the organization's objectives. Identify key focus areas, initiatives, and goals to drive excellence and innovation

  • Leadership and Management: Lead a team of subject matter experts within the CoE. Recruit, hire, and develop talent. Provide guidance, mentorship, and performance management to team members. Foster a culture of collaboration, learning, and continuous improvement

  • Stakeholder Engagement: Collaborate with senior executives and key stakeholders to understand their needs, challenges, and priorities. Build strong relationships and serve as a trusted advisor. Present findings, recommendations, and insights to stakeholders and gain buy-in for CoE initiatives.

  • Knowledge Sharing: Promote knowledge sharing and collaboration within the organization. Facilitate workshops, training sessions, and communities of practice to share expertise, best practices, and lessons learned across teams and departments

  • Continuous Improvement: Identify opportunities for process improvement, efficiency gains, and innovation within the CoE and the wider organization. Foster a culture of continuous improvement and drive initiatives to enhance the effectiveness and impact of the CoE.

Definition of Success

  • Leadership and Vision

  • Critical in driving excellence, innovation, and transformation within the organization.

  • Expertise and Knowledge

  • Collaboration and Relationship building

  • COE Establishment

  • Cost Optimization (Resource, Project, Licenses and others)

  • Integration of business processes and Lower attrition

  • Standardization of business operations

  • Real-time operations support and availability of management reports

  • Proactive Contingency plans preparation

  • No disruption to business operations

Other Context (if applicable):

  • Implementer with demonstrated abilities in the management of project implementation for streamlining business user operations and business transformation programs

  • Rich experience of working as both User community and Implementer, thereby understanding pain areas quickly and formulating team setups and ramp-ups accordingly with a blend of expertise in business functional knowledge and large program governance

  • Mentoring & developing individuals towards building productive and exceptional teams and as well as forming cohesive team environments

  • Perform functional and technical assessments, design, development, testing, troubleshooting activities, and change management in support of complex software and hardware systems comprised of many technical components

  • Apply broad technical knowledge and operate interdependently in ambiguous situations across functional business areas

  • Achieves value creation objectives by contributing information and recommendations to strategic plans and reviews; determining program improvements/new projects; helping in selling new opportunities

Functional/Technical Competencies

Functional Competencies:

  • Domain Expertise: The Hypercare Lead should have a thorough understanding of the P2P, R2R, and O2C processes. This involves knowledge of procurement, accounting, and sales processes, and how they are integrated within the SAP S4 ERP system.

  • SAP S4 ERP Functional Knowledge: The Hypercare Lead should be well-versed with the functional aspects of SAP S4 ERP related to P2P, R2R, and O2C. They should understand how these processes are configured in the system and be able to troubleshoot any functional issues that may arise.

  • Process Improvement: The Hypercare Lead should be able to identify opportunities for process improvement within the P2P, R2R, and O2C processes. They should be able to recommend changes to enhance efficiency and effectiveness.

  • Stakeholder Management: The Hypercare Lead should have the ability to effectively manage relationships with various stakeholders, including end-users, management, and external vendors. They should be able to communicate effectively with these stakeholders to address any concerns and ensure smooth operation of the P2P, R2R, and O2C processes.

  • Training and Support: The Hypercare Lead should be able to provide training and support to end-users. They should be able to explain the functionality of the SAP S4 ERP system and assist users with any issues they may encounter.

  • Change Management: The Hypercare Lead should be able to manage changes to the P2P, R2R, and O2C processes within the SAP S4 ERP system. This involves understanding the impact of changes on the business and ensuring they are implemented smoothly

  • Technical Competencies:

  • SAP S4 ERP Knowledge: The Hypercare Lead should have a deep understanding of SAP S4 ERP and its modules across P2P, R2R and O2C. This includes knowledge of how different modules interact with each other and the ability to troubleshoot any issues that may arise.

  • Technical Skills: The Hypercare Lead should have strong technical skills and be proficient in various SAP technologies. This includes ABAP (Advanced Business Application Programming), HANA (High-Performance Analytic Appliance), and Fiori.

  • Data Analysis: The ability to analyze data is crucial. The Hypercare Lead should be able to identify trends and patterns in data that may indicate potential issues.

  • Problem-Solving: The Hypercare Lead should have strong problem-solving skills to address and resolve any issues that may arise during the hypercare phase.

  • Project Management: Project management skills are important for a Hypercare Lead. They should be able to manage resources, timelines, and risks effectively.

  • Communication Skills: As the Hypercare Lead will be interacting with various stakeholders, strong communication skills are essential. They should be able to effectively communicate technical information to non-technical stakeholders.

  • Change Management: The Hypercare Lead should be familiar with change management processes, as they will be responsible for managing changes to the SAP system during the hypercare phase.

Personal Characteristics and Required Background:

Personal characteristics:

  • Delivered roadmaps, architectures, and solutions, operations for multiple large-scale technology transformations within complex heterogeneous systems environments, for some of the respected global companies.

  • Showed versatility by taking up varied challenges and playing a range of hands-on roles such as, Program Manager, Project Manager, Pre-Sales, Enterprise Architect, Program Architect, Solution Architect, Application Consultant, and Business Analyst.

  •  In addition to his business advisory skills, brilliant articulation & coordination skills, attention to detail and in-depth business impact analysis related to any task/function that has been handed over.

  • Industry/domain expertise in the areas of projects, procurement, and finance with a specific focus on enabling the same in organizations through ERP systems. Proven ability to provide best practice suggestions/solutions for improving client's business processes thereby resulting in the organization's efficiency.

  • Good team leader/player who shares knowledge to support and provide direction to the team.

  • Dependable, result-oriented individual and a good team player who is very easy to work with.

  • Possesses a great deal of business process knowledge coupled with good acumen and business user orientation to deliver optimum IT solutions

Required Background:

  • Master’s degree preferred (especially in Finance / Business Management)

  • Minimum 12+ years of management experience

  • Strong communication skills and capable of interacting both orally and in writing with executive management, team members, business and technology professionals

  • Have a background in business and technical requirements analysis, documentation, testing and integration methodologies & development

  • Strong attention to deadlines and budgetary guidelines

  • Analytical, critical thinking, and problem-solving skills

  • Decision-making and leadership skills

  • Strong presentation skills