YALLO Retail | Managed solution | Managed PARTNERSHIP

Kick-start Your Success

You PARTNER with a consultancy who understand the challenges you’re facing and focus on removing your talent impediments, giving you the rocket fuel to supercharge your business.

What it is?

From your permanent workforce to your entire talent acquisition lifecycle (contract and permanent), we know what it takes to attract, engage and retain top RetailTech talent. We’ll help you to unlock new talent pools, raise your brand awareness and become a magnet for passive talent. We’ll also shape your strategy by harnessing innovation and best practice. Always aligned to you, and always positive for your future, we find a better way.

With our Partnership product, you completely or partially outsource your permanent recruitment services to an external recruitment service provider (us). This can span everything from workforce planning and talent mapping, through to support with talent attraction and employer branding. Our Partnership/RPO product includes a dedicated, expert-led delivery team and specialist technology to optimise processes. We simplify and streamline.


Is Partnership right for me?

  • Do you need to recruit large teams over the next 12 to 36 months across disparate Technologies - either permanent or contracts?

  • Are you looking for a single source for this service where you can get instant stats and insights to improve decision making and hire strategically?

  • Do you want to improve your employer brand and develop a good pipeline of direct hires?

  • Do you want to improve the candidate experience and have a level of engagement during your recruitment process?

  • Would you like to be fully resourced and speed up your time to hire?

If the answer is yes to any of these, then our Partnership product may work for you.

What’s included?

  • Key Account Management team

  • On-site or Virtual Support for n months to understand the company in depth - Project, Goals, Company Culture

  • Psychometric profiling and technical testing

  • 1st Stage Video Interviews - Save your hiring manager’s valuable time

  • Director Sponsor overseeing your Account from Day 1

  • Quarterly Skills and Market Analysis

  • Quarterly Competitor Analysis & Market Insights

  • Market Reputation/ Post Interview Feedback Surveys

  • Custom marketing with branded advertising campaign

  • Weekly review meetings

  • Monthly/quarterly performance reviews

  • Quarterly hiring manager clinics to improve interview success rates

  • Trend analysis for continuous improvement

Benefits to you:

  • Strategy. We facilitate workforce planning to think ahead and ensure you have access to the talent you need in the short, medium and long-term.

  • Flexibility. We have a team of recruiters and sources at your disposal so for unforeseen spikes in the recruitment, we can ramp up our manpower.

  • Improved candidate experience. With streamlined processes, high touch candidate engagement and a culturally aligned delivery team, we create better, more consistent candidate experiences.

  • Talent retention. By championing your brand, we set realistic expectations to ensure that candidates are bought in to you as a business and a culture, reducing attrition.

  • Amplify your EVP. We build brand advocacy in relevant talent communities through dedicated consultants and access to marketing services.

  • Increase candidate quality while reducing costs. A strong understanding of your business, coupled with proven delivery, means faster access to top talent.

  • Synergy and balance. A data-driven, overarching view of your workforce ensures that the right resources are acquired at the right time and through the right channels.

  • Reduced spend. Outsourcing through us means competitive commercials, increased direct delivery rates and strategic cost saving exercises.

Does our PARTNERSHIP solution sound right to you? Book a call to explore further. Our team will get in touch soon.