YALO Retail | Managed PROJECT

Navigate Those Peaks and Troughs 

Designed with agility in mind, our PROJECT solutions are your answers for those periods when recruitment activity needs to quickly ramp up – whether it’s due to market changes, expanding into a new location or simply upscaling an existing team.

What it is?

Every business faces challenges when building technology teams, it is one of the most highly competitive markets in the world, and these are even more apparent when you are trying to build a team at pace. 

The Project offering is designed to support our Global Retail clients as they go through the challenge of building a world class technology team quickly. Project Recruitment enables businesses to act quickly by outsourcing specific recruitment projects for short-term needs. 

We can flex up or down to meet your meeds and deliver a fully functioning in house recruitment team, or support your established team with a priority project they are working on. 

YALO Retail | Managed PROJECT

Is Project right for me?

  • Do you need to build a new technology team quickly?

  • Do you want to outsource an entire part of the project?

  • Do you have an upcoming project or campaigns that needs a high volume of hires?

  • Do you have spikes in hiring, often at short notice?

  • Do you need a short sharp injection of energy and recruitment rather than a long-term strategy?

  • Are you opening in a new location or have upcoming deadlines to meet?

If the answer is yes to any of these, then our Project recruitment product may be right for you. 

What’s included?

  • Detailed 1 Day Brief with the Company - Meeting every hiring manager and understanding the project and more importantly the culture of the business

  • Full Team (depending on the size of the project) including Lead Recruitment Consultant/ Sourcing and Support (Compliance and Marketing)

  • 1st Stage Video Interviews - Save your hiring manager’s valuable time

  • Custom marketing with branded advertising campaign

  • Quarterly Skills and Market Analysis

  • Quarterly Competitor Analysis & Market Insights

  • Weekly review meetings

  • Access to our Project Management and Applicant Tracking System

  • Virtual Support - our Lead Consultants become and extension of your team and work for our project solely

Benefits to you:

YALO Retail | Managed PROJECT
  • Flexibility. Scale your recruitment up or down to meet demand simply and quickly.

  • On-demand expertise. Call upon specialists in your chosen tech markets to hit the ground running even at short notice.

  • Support for internal resources. Reduce pressure on your internal team by offering support during peak hiring and high volume campaigns.

  • Controlled spend. Pay for what you need, when you need it.

  • Save time. Ramp up activity to prevent delays to critical projects.

  • Custom-built models. Harness market insight to design a recruitment experience focused on your results.

Does our PROJECT solution sound right to you? Book a call to explore further. Our team will get in touch soon.