Talent Pro

Talent without the frills

Available from one vacancy onwards, our Talent PRO solution is perfect when things get busy. 

What is it? 

A chance to work together, maybe for the first time and you don’t want to go “all in” straight away. There’s no financial commitment from you, if we don’t deliver it doesn’t cost you a thing (no-win-no-fee). It reflects a more traditional recruiter/client relationship, whereby taking a multi-agency approach, you will receive a higher volume, and greater spread of available candidates.

Hiring Managers are growing their teams and you need to fill their roles like yesterday! If you want to fire all cylinders in finding those hard to get talent and can live without all the other bells and whistles this is the solution for you. We have an extensive network of candidates in a wide range of tech pools, whom we engage with regularly, meaning our specialists can find you your specialists in no time.


Is PRO right for me? 

  • If you don’t have specific timeframes around hiring and onboarding, and you want to review and select from a large volume of applicants from multiple agencies

  • If you have many open vacancies at junior to mid-level and you want to mainly source from candidates who are active on the market

  • If you want the opportunity to compare our service to replace previous providers

What’s included?

  • Initial briefing with hiring manager

  • Candidate shortlist of screened and qualified candidates

  • Allocated recruitment consultant and search time

  • Interview coordination during all stages

  • Handling of offer and acceptance

  • Compliance undertaken for temporary and contract hires

  • Verbal reference check on all offers

  • Access to Yallo’s database of 1000+ RetailTech professionals


Benefits to you:

  • Fee. Work on a ‘results only’ basis

  • Choice. Work with multiple suppliers, utilise their candidate databases

  • Variety. Option and capacity to see lots of CVs

  • Speed. Suppliers competing, speed of response, generate CVs quickly

  • Warranty. 12 weeks rebate period for replacement

Our full invoice is due when a successful candidate starts.

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