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London, UK — 25 May 2023

Skill Magnet Talent Marketing Management EST, a leading name in talent acquisition and IT consulting, proudly announces the rebranding and legal name change of our UAE entity to YALLO Management Consultancies LLC, which is now trading as YALLO Retail. This strategic evolution aligns with our commitment to revolutionizing the Retail Technology talent landscape globally.

The transition to YALLO Retail marks more than just a change in name; it signifies a strategic alignment with our global brand identity. The name 'YALLO' resonates with our commitment to fostering meaningful connections in the world of Retail Technology. It seamlessly integrates with our other global entities, reinforcing a cohesive and unified presence. 'YALLO' encapsulates our values of collaboration, innovation, and excellence, reflecting the essence of our brand across borders. As we embark on this exciting journey as YALLO Retail, we are not just changing our name; we are embracing a shared identity that strengthens our position as a global leader in RetailTech talent acquisition and IT consulting.

YALLO Retail is on a mission to establish the world's largest Retail Tech talent network, connecting a diverse global talent pool with world-class employers. Specializing exclusively in the Retail sector, we cover the entire spectrum of Retail sub-verticals and Technology horizontals.

One-Stop Shop for Retail Excellence

For retailers seeking comprehensive talent hiring and IT consultancy solutions, YALLO Retail serves as a one-stop shop. From attracting and hiring top talent to developing technology transformation strategies and roadmaps, we provide end-to-end support.

Unmatched Understanding of RetailTech

Unlike generic recruiters, YALLO Retail understands the unique needs of RetailTech candidates and employers. Focused on Retail & Ecommerce, CX & Marketing, Logistics & Supply Chain, our expert solutions span key disciplines such as Oracle, SAP, Microsoft, Blue Yonder, Salesforce, and more.

Comprehensive RetailTech Solutions

Our services cover a wide array of business, application, technology, and management disciplines, ensuring a holistic approach to RetailTech solutions. From Software Engineering and Data & Analytics to Cloud & Infrastructure and QA & Testing, our expertise is your competitive advantage.

A Commitment to Excellence

At YALLO Retail, we take pride in our client-centric approach. Our commitment to providing a fast, open, and accurate service is unwavering. Whether you are a retailer seeking talent or a candidate with RetailTech skills, your complete satisfaction is our guarantee.Choose Wisely, #GoYallo

We invite you to explore the new era of Retail Technology with YALLO Retail. As we embark on this exciting journey, we assure our clients and candidates of our continued dedication to building strong and lasting relationships. Choose wisely, #GoYallo.

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About YALLO Retail

YALLO Retail, formerly known as Skill Magnet, is a specialist Retail Technology talent acquisition and IT consulting agency. With a global footprint, we connect top-tier talent with leading employers in the Retail sector. Our services cover a broad spectrum of Retail disciplines and Technology horizontals, ensuring a tailored and comprehensive approach to RetailTech solutions.

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