UX Development

UX Development

User experience (UX) is the relationship between a product and the person using it. UX design focuses on building products that someone can easily use and enjoy using.

“User experience design is about supporting user’s needs, but making sure not to distract them from the overall experience of the product.

The story you’re telling about a product should speak exactly to the intended audience with no unnecessary jargon or imagery.

There is definitely a sweet spot between supporting the process and overcomplicating it! Research, trying, testing, iterating, and testing again. That’s UX design—your job is never done. The story you’re presenting is always developing along with your products.” — Hazel Watts, UX Content Specialist.

What does a UX designer do?

A user experience (UX) designer makes sure a product is learnable and usable for the end-user. A UX designer works from the very beginning of any product process to ensure product teams are building products that are conscious of their users, their needs, and pain points.

A UX designer works with branding, navigation, content, and product functions to ensure all of these elements are tied together to create an end result that’s joyful and fluid.

UX designers are responsible for more than just the product experience and product lifecycle—they’re key players in the entire customer lifecycle.

The decisions a UX designer makes influences if a user is attracted to, willing to pay for, and can use a product in the first place. Updates and tweaks a UX designer makes to a live product can positively affect customer retention rates and customer lifetime value (CLTV).

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