Salesforce Customer 360

Salesforce Customer 360

With Salesforce Customer 360, customer data from every step of their journey is captured in one place. This shared view enables teams to work together to deliver personalised experiences and trusted relationships with customers.

Sales teams can be more efficient

Make every customer interaction count, with a complete view of your leads. Sales Cloud lets you control your whole sales pipeline, from prospecting to sale. You can also automate everyday tasks to allow your sales team to concentrate on selling. Customer 360 is also a truly mobile platform, allowing your teams to achieve success from anywhere.

Marketing teams can be more cost-effective

With Marketing Cloud, you can treat your customers as if you’ve known them for years. And with live campaign data, you can see which marketing assets customers are engaging with, and optimise your campaign budgets in real time. This saves you money, and makes your marketing more effective.

Service teams can provide personalised service

If a customer calls your service team about a product issue, there’s no need for service to ask the customer for their purchase details. With Service Cloud, the agent can easily look up the information that the sales team captured when the customer made their purchase. They can then quickly respond to your customer's needs.

More than a CRM

Customer 360 goes beyond just sales, service and marketing. It includes the full range of Salesforce technology – uniting commerce, IT, and analytics – in one connected system. Every employee has access to customer data, so they can make more informed decisions, respond faster to customer needs, and predict new opportunities.

Add more apps and the benefits multiply

Customer 360 can be tailored to suit your specific business needs, with apps dedicated to different business functions and industries.

Adding more than one app to your Customer 360 solution has measurable benefits:

  • 72% of customers with more than one app report an improved time to ROI

  • 95% of customers with two or more apps report improved efficiency and productivity

  • 96% of customers with more than one app say they have met or exceeded ROI expectations

You can take it even further than that. With MuleSoft you can integrate data from a range of sources into your CRM, and with Tableau you can get real-time analytics and visualisations.

Customer 360 makes collaboration easier

Teams are empowered to work as one from anywhere because Customer 360 lives in the cloud. And with Slack, your teams can collaborate and communicate more effectively in your organisation’s 'digital HQ'.

Slack for sales

Sales teams can work faster, communicate more efficiently, and onboard new team members more effectively, all with Slack. And with Slack Connect, you can even invite your customers to engage on Slack.

Sales teams using Slack have seen:

  • 15% faster sales cycles

  • 13% more deals closed

  • Saved an average of 31 minutes a day per user on daily tasks

​Slack for marketing

Marketing teams can react to data in real time, without having to use inefficient emails. And with total integration with Customer 360, teams can run their campaigns all from inside Slack.

Marketing teams using Slack have seen:

  • 16% faster execution of marketing campaigns

  • Improved cross-company sharing of information

Slack for service

With rapid internal communications all happening in Slack, your service teams can respond quicker to customer enquiries and take advantage of automated workflows to handle day-to-day tasks.

Service teams using Slack have seen:

  • 9% faster ticket resolution

  • 11% improved customer satisfaction scores


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