Mobile Testing

Mobile Testing

Every developed mobile application has to go through the mobile testing process. This process assures us to maintain the level of the quality of the application before it is released into the market (app store/ play store). The development life cycle of the mobile application is shorter than the other, so the mobile application's success depends only on the testing of the mobile application. Applications are tested based on usability, security, functionality. This increases the general efficiency of the application and increases the reliability factor among the users as well.

Mobile Testing Process

The steps which involve in the process of Mobile Testing are as shown below:

Step 1) Planning and Preparation: When the development stage is complete, we should have to identify the app's objective and the limitation of the app

Step 2) Classify the types of testing.

Step 3) Preparation of the test case and the script design.

Step 4) Environment Set up for Testing

For environment setup, we will follow the below steps:

  1. Identify the types of testing

  2. Manual and Automated testing

  3. Beta Testing

  4. Performance test

  5. Browser testing

  6. Launch plan

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