Automation Testing

Automation Testing

The automation testing is used to change the manual test cases into a test script with the help of some automation tools.

We have various types of automation testing tools available in the market. Some of the most commonly used automation testing tools are as follows:

  • Selenium

  • Watir

  • QTP

  • Telerik Studio

  • Testim

  • Applitools


It is an open-source and most commonly used tool in automation testing. This tool is used to test web-based applications with the help of test scripts, and these scripts can be written in any programming language such as java, python, C#, Php, and so on.

Features of Selenium

This tool is most popular because of its various features. Following are standard features of Selenium:

  1. Selenium supports only web-based application, which means that the application can be opened by the browser or the URL like Gmail, Amazon, etc.

  2. Selenium does not support a stand-alone application, which means that the application is not opened in the browser or URL like Notepad, MS-Word, Calculator, etc.

  3. Selenium web driver is the latest tool in the selenium community that removes all the drawbacks of the previous tool (selenium-IDE).

  4. Selenium web-driver is powerful because it supports multiple programming languages, various browsers, and different operating systems and also supports mobile applications like iPhone, Android.


Watir stands for web application testing in ruby which is written in the Ruby programming language. testing in ruby. It is a web application testing tool, which is open-source and supports cross-browser testing tool and interacts with a platform like a human that can validate the text, click on the links and fill out the forms.

Features of Watir

Following are the characteristics of Watir testing tools:

  1. It supports various browsers on different platforms like Google Chrome, Opera, Firefox, Internet Explorer, and Safari.

  2. Watir is a lightweight and powerful tool.

  3. We can easily download the test file for the UI.

  4. We can take the screenshots once we are done with the testing, which helps us to keep track of the intermediate testing.

  5. This tool has some inbuilt libraries, which helps to check the alerts, browser windows, page-performance, etc.


QTP tool is used to test functional regression test cases of the web-based application. QTP stands for Quick Test Professional, and now it is known as Micro Focus UFT [Unified Functional Testing]. This is very helpful for the new test engineer because they can understand this tool in a few minutes. QTP is designed on the scripting language like VB script to automate the application.

Features of QTP

Following are the most common features of QTP:

  1. This tool support record and playback feature.

  2. QTP uses the scripting language to deploy the objects, and for analysis purposes, it provides test reporting.

  3. Both technical and non-technical tester can use QTP.

  4. QTP supports multiple software development environments like Oracle, SAP, JAVA, etc.

  5. With the help of QTP, we can test both desktop and web-based applications.

  6. In this tool, we can perform BPT (Business process testing).

Telerik Studio

It is modern web application which support functional test automation. With the help of this tool, we can test the load, performance, and functionality of the web and mobile applications and also identify the cross-browser issues.

Features of Telerik test studio

Below are some essential features of Telerik test studio:

  1. Telerik test studio allows us to deliver quality products on time.

  2. This tool supports all types of applications, such as desktop, web, and mobile.

  3. This tool supports Asp.Net, AJAX, HTML, JavaScript, WPF, and Silverlight application testing.

  4. It supports multiple browsers like Firefox, Safari, Google Chrome, and Internet Explorer for the test execution process.

  5. With the help of this tool, we can do the sentence based UI validation.


It is another automation testing tool, which can execute the test case in very little time and run them in various web and mobile applications. This tool will help us to enhance the extensibility and stability of our test suites. It provides the flexibility to cover the functionalities of the platform with the help of JavaScript and HTML.

Features of Testim

Below are the features of Testim:

  1. The Test stability is very high in testim tool.

  2. This tool will support parallel execution.

  3. In this tool, we can capture the screenshots.

  4. This tool will automatically create the tests.

  5. With the help of this tool, we can perform requirements-based and parameterized testing.


This tool is used to check the look and feel and user's feedback on the application. It can easily incorporate with the presented test instead of creating a new analysis. Applitools is a monitoring software, which provides visual application management and AI-powered visual UI testing. It is an open-source tool that helps us to deliver a quality product.

Features of Applitools

Below are the characteristics of Applitools:

  1. This tool has active user access management.

  2. For various devices, it allows cross-browser testing.

  3. It will deliver the visual test reports to the users.

  4. It is available on the public and dedicated cloud.

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