Country Heads

Country Heads

A Country Manager is responsible for business development in a new country or region. They are particularly important for companies that are expanding internationally, as they deal with the launch, development and management of local service/product offerings from production to marketing on distribution networks.

Generally recruited for their understanding of the local area, language and market involved, their goal is to define and introduce the right strategy and make sure their business establishes itself successfully in the region, with the help of frequent competitor analysis. They wear many hats, including those of regional CEO, marketing director, intermediary between the parent company and subsidiary, sales manager and support team – and sometimes a wide range of other headwear too!

To be a good Country Manager, you need to be a strategist, unafraid to get things done, and someone the team can rely on. As a brand ambassador and country representative, you must educate your company about the country’s needs so it can successfully establish itself and brief the teams working on the company’s expansion plan about the needs, priorities, KPIs and reasons behind the applied strategy.

A key factor in a business’ success on a market, a Country Manager should prove the market has potential. This also means bringing in revenue.

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