BY Merchandise Financial Planning

BY Merchandise Financial Planning

​Competition is expanding, and inventory lifecycles are becoming shorter. Planning can no longer be conducted in silos constrained by artificial “seasonal” time frames and rigid hierarchies. With Blue Yonder’s merchandise financial planning, companies can easily tie enterprise-wide strategic plans to the execution of shared goals, establishing consumer-centric, omnichannel financial guidelines to manage inventory profitability and productivity.

For busy retailers committed to growth, every day brings a new mission. On one day, they may be expanding into an emerging market, increasing their online presence, or opening their latest store. The next day, they may be partnering with a new vendor, planning a significant event, or launching an innovative concept. Whatever opportunity each day brings, retailers must be ready to act fast to stay competitive. Yet too many retailers are slowed by aging, modified IT applications that are expensive and difficult to integrate and maintain. To be successful, retailers must focus on the technology that sits at the heart of their business: merchandise operations systems.

Blue Yonder’s merchandise financial management capability combines data science collaboration with machine learning (ML) to model long term forecasts based on historical trends and seasonality. Merchandise financial management is a built-for-purpose forecasting engine providing intelligent starting points for seeding plans by predicting customer demand, seasonality and non-linear trends for basics and fashion categories. ML empowers planners to provide more accurate forecasts for any product or location hierarchy group level every week.


  • Financial management

  • Accurate forecasting

  • Open-to-buy management

  • Omni-channel planning

  • Strategic planning


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