BY Assortment Planning

BY Assortment Planning

​Creating a superior customer experience and building brand loyalty starts with the right product assortment. Assortment management combines in-depth analytics, consumer purchase preferences, assortment lifecycle planning and sizing and pre-pack optimization into a simplified workflow. The right assortment management removes the guesswork and drives higher sales and margins across all channels with localized customer insights. Discover how you can harness the power of Blue Yonder’s assortment management to delight customers with the right assortment while maximizing profitability.

​Today’s consumers are the most informed, most savvy shoppers in the history of retail. These empowered shoppers expect instant gratification and product availability when, where and how they want it. Retailers address these rising expectations by localizing their assortments, which sometimes means catering to individual stores. While the promise of better product availability and higher shelf productivity is high, localizing assortments is not a straightforward process. This requires high-volume data management, advanced business analytics, increased precision and increased talents that are always “on” to develop, review and adjust the assortments.

Faced with this increased complexity and fast-changing business environments, retailers must strive to optimize performance. In turn, suppliers have the opportunity to provide a value-add, proactive advisory role to help their retail partners grow the business. However, there are some obstacles that first need to be addressed:

  • Manual data management and analysis drain category managers’ productivity

  • Disconnected tools and analytics create inaccuracies and latency

  • Inconsistent and unreliable performance monitoring compromise quality

Companies must evaluate their own internal capabilities in order to provide proactive and actionable insights that will drive business growth and profitability.

Assortment Management

  • Turn shopper insights into personalized actions

  • Create intelligent, store-specific assortments

  • Forecast sales for new items

  • Create insightful assortment strategies

  • Gain a single view of assortments

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